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Students of the above mentioned FNWI disciplines may use the login below to submit their own thesis. Make sure you have the following files available before you launch the "Submit Wizard":

1) Master or bachelor thesis, the definitive version, agreed by your supervisor; preferably in PDF format. Word or HTML is accepted as well; any other format is not. The file should be smaller than 20 MB. If your file is too big, then please shrink it, here are some suggestions on how to shrink your file.

2) Scientific abstract; ~1 page as unformatted text, ready for copying into the form.
Please use line breaks only at the end of each paragraph, not after each line.

3) Popular abstract, in two versions: English (obligatory) and Dutch (optional). Prepare these as unformatted text. You are going to copy-paste these texts into two text windows.

4) Photograph of author (optional); jpg, jpeg, png or gif format.

5) Most attractive picture related to your thesis; jpg, jpeg, png, or gif format.

If you are ready to submit, then please login!

 Student ID 

After submitting, your thesis will NOT be public immediately. An email will be sent to your supervisor who will check if the submitted thesis is the agreed version. Also your supervisor will decide if the full text of the thesis can be made publicly available online, or not. Deliberate with your supervisor about publication.

The abstracts and pictures however that you submit here will become public, as soon as your supervisor has agreed with the contents of the thesis. Discuss the abstracts with your supervisor in advance, in order to check that you are not giving away important ideas to the competition.