Science in Progress is being phased out. The database was frozen at 12-03-2019, no new thesisses will be added here. Thesisses where publication is approved have been, and will be, published at: UvA Scripties Online

Science in Progress

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All graduation candidates from the artificial intelligence, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and computer science (BSc only) departments of the University of Amsterdam are obliged to publish their thesis on this website. The project was an initiative of the chemistry department and since January 2004, Chemistry students publish their theses on this webpage. In June 2005 also physics and mathematics students joined this project, and other programmes followed. There are several ideas motivating this decision.

Most importantly it contributes to the transparency of the science departments of the University of Amsterdam. Students are asked to write an abstract accompanying their thesis in easy digestible, popular language. In principle the essence of fundamental research from a multitude of disciplines should be available for anyone who does not have any affiliation with the field.

Further more master theses are considered the most reliable sources used to judge and compare the quality of academic education. If the thesis doesn't contain confidential information, the full text version can be downloaded. Else, you can contact the student's supervisor with a request.

Besides these moral motivations it is a nice opportunity for students to be able to present the outside world what they have been working on during the last (and often most intense) 6 to 12 months of their studies. After hard work theses no longer have to disappear in archives, where nothing would have happened with them anyway.