FNWI Thesis Submit Wizard

At this site you can submit your thesis to the educational institute, that is...
AFTER your research supervisor has approved the final version!

To proceed, you need:

1) The final version of your thesis in digital form (PDF or Word).
Filesize should be smaller than 20 MB. If your file is too big, then please shrink it,
here are some suggestions on how to shrink your file.

2) Name and email address of you research supervisor.

3) Abstract as unformatted text. This abstract is needed for showing the thesis on UvA Scripties Online.
Please use line breaks only at the end of each paragraph (not after each line).

If you do not want your thesis to appear in public on UvA Scripties Online, then: please make arrangements with your supervisor
about keeping your thesis under embargo. (s)he pushes the "publish" button, but will probably listen to you.

First you need to login, using your UvAnet ID.

 Student ID 

In case of login problems, please contact: servicedesk-esc-science@uva.nl