QTEM Master Programme application form 2020-2021

For master’s students of UvA Economics and Business who wish to participate in the QTEM exchange programme (Quantitative Techniques in Economics and Management).

Instructions for filling out the application form:
While you are filling out the application form it is not possible to save the form and continue later. Therefore it is needed that you have all required data at hand and documents prepared and ready for uploading. (Maximum for upload is 4 mb.) before you start filling out the application form. Please integrate all documents in one single file to upload

Personal Data
Given names
First name (by which one is usually called)
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GenderMale  Female 
Current address in The Netherlands
Postal code
Telephone number
IBAN number*
*Only applicable for an exchange within Europe (this information is needed for the Erasmus+ grant administration)
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2nd nationality (if applicable)
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Emergency contact
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Study information
Current MSc programme

English programme at Economics and BusinessYes  No 
Start year current study
Total EC obtained
Expected EC obtained at the moment of departure
Total grade average (weighted) Bachelor
Total grade average (weighted) Master
Name of finished BSc programme
GMAT / GRE score
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Student number (SIS)
Did you participate in an Exchange programme before?Erasmus  Other  No 
Host university
Name Host university (1st preference)
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Name Host university (3rd preference)
Name Host university (4th preference)
Name Host university (5th preference)
List of courses you plan to take the the host university. (including EC)*

*As course guides of host universities are not always finalized by the time students submit their applications, you cannot make any definitive selection at this point. All you can do is indicate which courses are of interest to you. Please note that this is not the official course registration. This will take place after acceptance, at the host university.

Nr CourseEC (European Credits)
Application for
Semester1st  2nd 
If you have (had) personal circumstances or disabilities that have influenced your study progress or average grade, please let us know so we can take this into account when assessing your application.

If this is verifiable, you can get compensation points in the selection process. With your consent, we will check this with the study advisers.

Please know that the answer to this question will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We ask this to make sure you will not be disadvantaged in the selection procedure because of your personal circumstances / disability.
I have (had) personal circumstances / disabilities during my academic studies that have influenced my grades / study progress
I give permission to the UvA Exchange Office employees to check this with the study advisers. This is only for verification purposes, they study advisers will not disclose specific personal information about the nature of the circumstances / disabilities.
Comments (optional):
Curriculum vitae
Curriculum Vitae (please use the format provided here)Upload:
UvA-transcript in English, Certified photocopies of all academic records*, and hbo transcript if applicable. Please integrate all documents in one single file to upload.
*MSc students are also expected to upload their BSc transcript.
Motivation Letter
GMAT / GRE official test score