Application form Erasmus
This form cannot be saved and completed at a later moment. Make sure you have all the required documents before filling it out. The required documents are listed in the final question of the form.

If you are applying for a study exchange (courses) you need to upload a list of grades which can be requested through the Education Service Desk, or if you are an IIS-student, through the IIS student desk. If you are going to be doing a research/internship abroad (Erasmus placement) you need to upload the approval you have received for this project from your board of examinations or programme coordinator. If you have not yet obtained this approval, send it as soon as possible to
Personal details
First name
Initial letter(s)
Date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY) - -
Gender Male   Female  
House number+house number suffix
Postal code
IBAN account number (no spacings)
Contact information in case of emergency
Postal code and city
Phone number
E-mail adress
Study information
Field of study
Bachelor or master Bachelor  Master 
Student number
Grade average for current study programme (round off to one decimal place)
Information about your study abroad
Will you take courses or do an internship/research?Courses  Internship/research 
Did you previously participate in Erasmus at the same level of study (bachelor or master) as you are presently?No  Yes, for   month(s)
In case you will take courses:
University of your first choice (name, city, country)
Language of instruction university first choice
University of your second choice (name, city, country)
Language of instruction university second choice
Which courses will you take at the host university? (Please specify which courses you are currently interested in. You can specify your final course list at a later time.)
In case you will do an internship/research:
Name of institution where you will do the internship/research
Type of organization
Receiving organisation Public BodyYes  No 
Receiving organisation Non-ProfitYes  No 
Receiving organisation number of employees below 250Yes  No 
Receiving organisation website
Receiving organisation phone number
Email address of the receiving institution
Receiving organisation address (street and housenumber)
Postal code of the receiving institution
City of the receiving institute
Country of the receiving institute
Region of the receiving institute
Name and e-mail address of your supervisor at the University of Amsterdam
Is it a paid internship? If so, how much will you get per month?
Your stay abroad
Starting date Erasmus period - - (DD-MM-YYYY)
Final date Erasmus period - - (DD-MM-YYYY)
Native language
Prophiciency in language of host institution
Motivation letter 1st choice
Why do you want to participate in the Erasmus programme? Upload a short motivation. (400 words)
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Motivation letter 2nd choice
Why do you want to participate in the Erasmus programme? Upload a short motivation. (400 words)
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Upload Resumé (max 1 MB.)
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Upload grades (max 2 MB.)
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Upload permission internship/research (max 1 MB.)
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